So far we have collected a lot of trash. But, we need more from you! Also, we made 2 picture frame. For example:

So please help us!

PS. We only need hard trash and frames.

PPS: No Glass!!!!!
PPPS: No war items like bombs, grenades, guns. Toy  army men are allowed.
_ Hi everyone! We are the Beaderz.

We use some of the 3Rs to help Earth. We reuse and reduce. We make used things into pretty bracelets. We reduce the amount of garbage in the world. We use old magazines, used hairbands and broken beads. If you want to buy our jewelry, you can buy them in the ISS Fun Fair.  We give the money we earn to charity. This product is for girls and boys – young and old.

Please bring us your old magazines, used hairbands and broken beads!!!

The lion dance for Chinese New Year came to ISS Singapore! It was amazing and terrific. The men that were doing the dance were really talented. They were jumping on each others' shoulders and doing great tricks. They threw oranges in the air so little kids could catch them and get good luck for Chinese New Year. The men who were playing the music were very talented, the music was AWESOME ! They played it loud and clear so the people from far & near could hear.
We both wish you a happy new year. Gong xi fa cai !

By: Emily Batty & Anisah Norman in 4JK