On March 11, 2012 ISS had a FUN FAIR!!!  At this fair we had our own Grade 4 stall where we sold T-Shirt Bags, Wallets, Jewelry, T-Shirt cloths, CD Art and Picture frames.  All these things were made out of rubbish that was clean and green.  It was really fun because there was a lot of things to do and a lot of things to buy.  Grade 4 enjoyed selling things and we felt like we were real shopkeepers.

See you next time Mollie and Daria

Today, at our Mandarin class, the Mandarin teacher was late for our lesson, so we decided to do a role-play in Mandarin using some of the words we learned in this year.

Thirst, we did a math sum in Mandarin and we separated the people who could answer the question and the people who couldn’t answer the question. Then, the people who couldn’t answer the question chose the people they waned in their group.

Then, we had a discussing time, which we could discuss what subject we’ll do, and who will do which role. Then, we practiced the play for a few times.

At last, every group showed their play to the other groups and Ms.Keenan filmed us on a camera. 

We hope you enjoy our play!