We have been looking closely at what systems we should follow when there is a fire. For homework one night Alex made an iMovie about his fire evacuation system at his house. This inspired us all to make iMovies to teach you about the school fire avocation system. We hope you enjoy them.
Alex's movie 
School Fire Evacuation starring Oliver, Brennan and Tay
Fire in the School starring Connie, Meghna and Shannon 
Fire System starring Amy, Mia and Emellia
ISS on Fire starring Shunya, Alex and Carsen
Fire at ISS starring Sally, Emily and Lily
Fire Evacuation at School starring Chiemi, Qintha and Sayma
Last week the Grade 4 students had many crises thrown at them. We are ecstatic to report that they handled all of them brilliantly. They worked as a team to solve problems and supported each other, all while having a lot of fun, as you can see in the photos below!
To begin our Crisis unit on Monday morning the parents of  4th Grade gave their children these instructions.  
I want you to pretend that there has been a major earthquake in Singapore and it is too dangerous to stay here.  You have to leave your house very quickly, you only have 5 minutes to pack a bag with all the things that you think you will need.  You have no idea how long or how far you will be travelling before you reach safety.  You will not have any adults to help you on your road to safety; you will only have your classmates. Your parents cannot make any suggestions or help you in any way with your packing.  They cannot answer any questions and remember you have no idea how long you will be travelling.  Due to this crisis there is no transportation and every building is unsafe to hide in.

As you will see from the video the children all packed differently.  We took them to the park across the road where we continued the crisis.  They had to make shelters, get into groups, plan how to guard their belongings and more.  This is a video of 4SB's adventure.