Hi, we are Meghna and Chiemi, the roving reporters from 4SN. 

Last week it was Deepawali, or the Festival of Lights. Deepawali is celebrated because Rama, one of the Indian gods, was going to the forest with his brothers and his wife. After they came back all the villagers were so happy to see them so they had a festival of lights.

We learnt how to make Rangoli from our teacher aid  Ms.Radhika. We made the Rangoli by sprinkling colored powder on the outlined paper.  Ms. Radhika put glue on the paper.  They look beautiful and really colourful. The Rangoli took 2 days to dry. It was hard to make because the powder was hard to stick on the glue.

We also got some  Indian sweets from Ms. Radika, after we finished making the Rangoli. During Deepawali Indians eat a lot of sweets so they can think good thoughts and have a prosperous life. The sweets are made with lots of ghee which is a fatty Indian butter. They are very yummy though!!!

By Chiemi and Meghna

我喜欢 穿汗衫。

我是瑞典人。我是俄罗斯 人。我喜欢穿游泳衣。再见!!

By: Ellen, Linn and Daria

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Sports Day!

By Marushka R. Rout

Wow!  This was one wonderful Sports Day. The weather was spectacular and the children were excited to participate in all the events.  I’m sure many of you would remember last year’s Sports Day? It was raining cats and dogs and Sports Day had to be cancelled.  When we lined up before the bell could ring everyone was so excited and some were even nervous but looking forward to it. When we reached the stadium all the participants went to their respective Houses- Orchard (Red), Somerset (Blue), Raffles (Green) and Newton (Yellow). We were all dressed according to our house colors. The first four events were Shot put, Long jump, Javelin throw and the 80m running race. It was so exciting to see everyone trying their hardest at everything and how a mere participation could bring out plenty of smiles on the children’s faces.  Even the parents who came to cheer were caught up in the excitement of Sports Day.  

After all those events were done, we moved on to the 200m and the 400m races. Even though I didn’t win I was happy because I was racing with Daria who is one of my good friends. The little children from pre-school, K1, K2, Grade 1 took part in many activities and I think the best one that they liked would have been the parachute event. Now let me share with you a very touching scene. The 3rd grade boys were doing the 400m race. One boy was having a hard time completing the race so my teacher Mr. Burden came running across the stadium, encouraged the boy, caught his hand and ran with him so he could finish the race. I thought this was a very kind thing to do. I was very touched by this kind gesture of Mr. B and I am proud to be in his class.  Three cheers for Mr. B.

Thereafter we had the relays. I was lucky that I got to see the relay as I was a reserve. It was so exciting! Watching the relays kind of made me dizzy because everyone in the relay was running here and there as they were passing the baton but it was still so much fun to watch.  At the end of the day you could see plenty of children with their ribbons and some were happy and a few had sad faces as they did not win.  But what counts the most was we participated and had loads of fun.  We are all stars and winners.

I’m sure now the question that is on everybody’s mind is …


Hope enjoy our assembly
4th graders in a middle school science class? You bet! We conducted experiments testing Newton’s three laws of motion with Ms. Corelli.