We hope you enjoy watching out assembly. We had a lot of fun making up the rhyme and planning our performances.
Hi, we are Meghna and Chiemi, the roving reporters from 4SN. 

Last week it was Deepawali, or the Festival of Lights. Deepawali is celebrated because Rama, one of the Indian gods, was going to the forest with his brothers and his wife. After they came back all the villagers were so happy to see them so they had a festival of lights.

We learnt how to make Rangoli from our teacher aid  Ms.Radhika. We made the Rangoli by sprinkling colored powder on the outlined paper.  Ms. Radhika put glue on the paper.  They look beautiful and really colourful. The Rangoli took 2 days to dry. It was hard to make because the powder was hard to stick on the glue.

We also got some  Indian sweets from Ms. Radika, after we finished making the Rangoli. During Deepawali Indians eat a lot of sweets so they can think good thoughts and have a prosperous life. The sweets are made with lots of ghee which is a fatty Indian butter. They are very yummy though!!!

By Chiemi and Meghna

我喜欢 穿汗衫。

我是瑞典人。我是俄罗斯 人。我喜欢穿游泳衣。再见!!

By: Ellen, Linn and Daria

On Wednesday September 21st, it was Peace One Day. We used Newton's 3 Laws of Motion to write our own 3 Laws of Peace because we want peace to spread throughout the world. We hope you enjoy reading them and will use them to create a more peaceful world.

Peace Laws
Sir Isaac Newton was an amazing man who had many PYP qualities. We decided he was an inquirer, caring, knowledgeable, a thinker, a risk taker and very open minded. He has taught us that anyone can achieve great things if they keep trying and are interested.

            We have been having a great time learning about Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.  Some of the experiments we have done to test his theories include; launching carts with marbles, dropping objects of different mass, comparing the distance carts of different masses travel and lots more (see photos.) After much discussion, hypothesizing and testing, we all agree that his laws are right and that we use them in our daily lives.