Welcome to our first blog.  What a fun first few weeks it has been.  We all were quite nervous on our first few days, especially the new kids but we started playing different games as soon as went into our new classroom.  The games showed us how much we have in common with each other and were also fun.  It was different being in 4th grade because we felt bigger and more grown-up. We have classrooms on the top floor and that is pretty cool.

When Monday came around we started work. One of the different things we have done so far is the slip and slide experiment and car racing; this is for our current unit on Forces.  Did you know that Isaac Newton had 3 laws of motion? Those laws have a lot to do with our unit even though he lived about 500 years ago in England?

Our Math work has consisted games, individual and group work and we have been learning place value up to the millions, factors, prime numbers and rounding.  Our work on multiplication is becoming harder than in third grade and we have learned some new strategies for adding and subtracting.

In our reading and writing we have been doing note taking and we are beginning to plan our writing, like this piece here. The specials have been fun especially art where we made portraits in a mixed up funny way. 

Things are awesome so far in 4th grade; here are some of the words that we brainstormed about our experience so far.

Questions, scared, smelled fresh, thinkers, James and the Giant Peach, ECA, excellent teachers, play, snack, open-minded, happy, unit, uniform, read aloud, caring, curious, moved rooms, white board, funny teacher, colorful, risk-taker, numbers, cold, dice, money, games, refreshing, library, PE, profile words, biography, cool, pleased to be back, many books, excited, super-duper, children’s voices, reading, creative, IT, great.           

Well that’s it for now; see you next time for another installment of our blog.  Please check out all the cool things that are linked to our blog site.  You can see videos, photos, as well as links to the math and spelling web sites we use in school, and if you want you can make comments.  If you like ask me to help you.



Miss Keenan's Father
10/09/2011 21:08

This is a great website, I can follow my daughter's work from over here in Michigan. It is almost as good as being right there in Singapore. But it is not as hot here.

12/09/2011 15:06

Wow, I can not believe we will be able to have a grade 4 blog!

12/09/2011 17:19

I am so glad we made a blog for the whole grade 4!!

Linn's parents
12/09/2011 17:44

We are very happy you teachers made a blog. It is very interesting to follow.

12/09/2011 19:15

I couldn't believe that G4 made a blog cause it's awesome!!!

JP's Mum
13/09/2011 13:47

I love this blog site...thank you!

13/09/2011 16:53

I am so happy me and my family can see what I am Doing or have done in school!

Rebecca (Maruskhka's mum)
13/09/2011 21:29

This grade 4 blog is wonderful and it gives us parents a chance to see all the wonderful stuff the children are learning on a daily basis. I love the IXL and Spelling City sites too. They are so interactive and even I was tempted to have a go at the games. Maybe I will.

14/09/2011 20:37

lauren's grandmothr
14/09/2011 20:38

How wonderful to see the children and read the blogs. Really great

15/09/2011 20:43

I can not beilve that we get to be on the blog!!!!

Aunt Kris
15/09/2011 22:14

Even though Mia is ocean's away, we are happy to be able to watch her day to day! Thanks for doing this!

16/09/2011 16:56

This blog is awesome.
Can the teachers post more videos?

30/09/2011 21:13

it is nice that we have a blog


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