Hi, we are Meghna and Chiemi, the roving reporters from 4SN. 

Last week it was Deepawali, or the Festival of Lights. Deepawali is celebrated because Rama, one of the Indian gods, was going to the forest with his brothers and his wife. After they came back all the villagers were so happy to see them so they had a festival of lights.

We learnt how to make Rangoli from our teacher aid  Ms.Radhika. We made the Rangoli by sprinkling colored powder on the outlined paper.  Ms. Radhika put glue on the paper.  They look beautiful and really colourful. The Rangoli took 2 days to dry. It was hard to make because the powder was hard to stick on the glue.

We also got some  Indian sweets from Ms. Radika, after we finished making the Rangoli. During Deepawali Indians eat a lot of sweets so they can think good thoughts and have a prosperous life. The sweets are made with lots of ghee which is a fatty Indian butter. They are very yummy though!!!

By Chiemi and Meghna


03/11/2011 10:10

I really enjoyed doing the Rangoli art activity even though it was VERY messy!!!!!

03/11/2011 18:25

So did I.Ialso liked the foods.

Miss Keenan
04/11/2011 21:01

I really enjoyed it too!

05/11/2011 19:48

I enjoyed it too and i really love the sweets.

08/11/2011 15:42

The Deepawali was so fun!!!! Indian people are lucky because they get to celebrate Deepawali every year!

Aunt Berni
09/11/2011 03:25

Looks like way too much fun. Wish I could have been there.

15/11/2011 08:04

cool, looks fun

15/12/2011 19:41

It was so fun doing the rangoli art and the food we got to eat was great!!


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