This is reporters Miya and Taya live on ISS International news. On Thursday September we got visited by none other than the authors of England the two Steves themselves! And what was that reporter Taya? Ah yes their names are Steve Barlow (applause) and Steve Skidmore (more applause). Back to reporter Taya then folks.

Hello! Miya was totally stealing the mic! "We thought they were soooo funny and they called the little kids STICKIES", said 4th grader Lauren. Funny right folks?

They used to be drama teachers and boy did they learn from their experiences, right reporter Miya? and that's a good thing too because they used that in some of their books. And they made a ton of books!!!!!!! "We were all amazed," says 4th grader Anisah, "we thought they were awesome books". Back to you again Miya.

All right lets sum up this thing. Please visit their website and have a good laugh, please we're begging you please, please, please. and here we are kids! Thank you for visiting our blog! Come again! This is reporters Miya and Taya live on ISS International news.


Mr. B.
03/10/2011 12:14

This is a terrific posting and very funny. I really liked the way the authors used quotes from their classmates. Well done you two.

04/10/2011 19:03

You Two have righet does was relly funny.

07/10/2011 15:42

Hey Taya and Miya! That was a great report! :) I loved the way you guys made it sounf like it was an actual television show! I will see you on October 18th (I think that is the correct date) Tuesday.

15/10/2011 08:50

The 2authers were amazing! they were so funny!!! I will buy their books at the book store.

20/10/2011 20:03

I really liked the mountain biking and the kayaking.

20/10/2011 20:06

I meant that about the camp. The two of them was really funny

10/11/2011 15:56

I thoght that the 2 authors were very funny.


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