Today our club was born! We met for the first time and we talked about how to  get the school involved with recycling. We thought we could make posters, booklets and a PowerPoint to share at assembly.

By Amy

On Tuesday, February the 7th, we met to talk about all our ideas. We decided that we needed boxes for each class to collect their paper in. We went around the school and collected cardboard boxes. Then we put signs on them saying, “Paper.” 
Also, we talked about our meeting with Brandon.

By Daria

On Wednesday, February the 8th, we met with Brandon Leong from Eco-Wiz, for the first time. He said he would be happy to help us with a lot of things.
We decided that we would be a group who would help all of Grade 4 be involved with recycling.  We also went around the school to look for recycling bins. We found that part of our problem was that the bins were not obvious, so kids would give up and chuck their recycling in the trash. Brandon said he would give our school 14 brand new bins. We picked the colour blue for our bins.
Lastly, Brandon said that we needed to set up a meeting with the operations manager to look at where we would put the bins. Emily B and I asked Ms. Alden to help us set a meeting up. We decided that we would meet with Brandon every Friday during lunch so we can talk about how we are going.
This was what happened today!

By Emily

Today the Grade 4 committee made a presentation to all of Grade 4. We told them that we were getting 14 brand new recycling bins. They will be blue. We also asked them to help us teach all the classes about how to recycle. They said that they will help us.
We decided that we will give the paper bins to each class soon and we will explain what to put into them.

By Qintha

Today we decided that we would get every Grade 4 kid into a pair. We gave each pair a class to be in charge of. Their job is to talk about how we have to put paper in the boxes. They will work with that class when our bins come.

By Sayma 

Today during break, Daria, Qintha and I went to have a meeting with Brandon, Richard and David. Brandon gave us all a copy of his business card so we could contact him 24 hours a day! He also told us that our bins should be here in about one week.
Then we waited for Richard to find David, but he never did so we had to go back to class.

By Lauren 

Today we met up, during our lunch break for the first time in three weeks! We talked while eating lunch we talked about how we hadn't met up in ages and the reason for this was because brandon talked to middle school even high school! He talked to them about recycling and our group he got them into recycling and using the bins. Plus he's going to give bins to middle school and high school to. So everyone can get into recycling and make the earth a better place to live in!

By Emily. Batty  


Miss Keenan
3/9/2012 12:29:16

Thank you girls for all your hard work in getting this up and running. I'm very proud of the action you are taking to help make Earth healthier by getting the entire ISS school involved!

Miss Dell
3/10/2012 14:53:01

Well done girls! All of ISS and beyond will benefit from your actions. Miss Dell


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